An exhibition dedicated to extraordinary hair has come to London and the pictures look incredible

“An ongoing project capturing London’s unique and diverse hairstyles” – the free exhibition is open until August 2022.

A free hair-based photography exhibition has opened in south London at The Horniman Museum & Gardens. Cult Hair by Infringe magazine is a photography series celebrating “hair unrestrained by mainstream beauty standards,” aiming to “highlight the power and beauty of people living out their true form.”

From TikTok-inspired pastel mullets to gradient bowl cuts, afrocentric shave patterns and leopard print dye designs, the exhibition is the culmination of Infringe’s ongoing project to capture the “unique and diverse hairstyles” roaming around the UK capital.

Where is the Cult Hair exhibition?

Displayed at The Horniman Museum & Gardens, Cult Hair is open every day (except Wednesday), between 10am and 5:30pm. The exhibition will run until 31 August 2022.

How to visit the Cult Hair exhibition

The Horniman Museum & Gardens are located in south London, near Dulwich and Forest Hill.

Due to limited parking (there are accessible parking spots available) it’s recommended to travel to the museum by public transport. Reachable by bus,overground and train, the exhibition is a five to 10-minute walk from Forest Hill station. 

What accessibility options does the exhibition have? 

The exhibition is open to guide dogs, is wheelchair accessible and has available seating.

Main image: Cult Hair via Infringe Magazine

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