Health Disparities Are More Than Skin Deep

Healthcare disparities continue to negatively impact Black communities, leading to worse health outcomes, including skin health. To help address Black skin health inequities, Aveeno® and ESSENCE are breaking through these barriers to help every individual receive the quality skin care they need—and you can do the same as an entrepreneur specializing in beauty, health and/or skincare.

At ESSENCE®, we know melanin-rich skin and believe in helping you get quality products to meet the needs of your unique, Black skin. That’s why our 2021 Best in Black Beauty Awards features the cream of the crop skin care products for every type of Black skin. And our partner, Aveeno®, is taking their commitment to help you find relief for sensitive skin a step further with #SkinVisibility. Aveeno® aims to help 100,000 Eczema Warriors find relief through educational resources, tools, and products.

Now that you’ve seen what we’ve been up to, we’ve got some ideas on how you and your business can address skin health concerns in underserved communities:

Create an experience on your site or at point of sale. Group your products together that serve the Black community or another underserved community. Promote them as a special collection to show the breadth of how your brand can help your target consumer.

Identify a common skincare issue in these communities. Name that pain point, educate your consumers on how it affects them, and create a product to address this need or show how your current product line can help address it.

Partner with a healthcare professional. Team up with a doctor in your area or a medical office to share advice and product picks. They can help you host live feeds on social media, write newsletters or blog posts, and even recommend your products. Working with a trusted physician can help those in underserved areas get the advice and products they need to treat their issues and live a better, healthier life.

For more expert advice and business tools for entrepreneurs, visit the AVEENO® SKIN HEALTH STARTUP ACCELERATOR SITE. Click here to learn more.

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