Put these 11 micro indie beauty brands on your radar before your friends do

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They may be small, but these micro indie beauty brands are certainly set to be mighty…

We all have that friend who somehow manages to discover brilliant indie beauty brands before anyone else. From the best small-batch body oil to the unknown cleansing balm that’s changed their skin for the better, sometimes the best things in beauty are flying under the radar.

And if you’re someone who loves to discover new beauty brands, you’ve come to the right place. Because we’ve dug deep into the beauty bags of our very coolest friends and kept note of those intriguing brands stocked in our favourite independent boutiques to bring you some of the very best micro indie beauty brands that you deserve to know about. 

“Supporting an indie brand is like supporting a local artisan, and for me, that means so much more than buying mainstream,” explains Samantha Freedman, co-founder of indie beauty marketplace Curate Beauty and beauty and wellness marketplace Elth. 

“Smaller, indie beauty brands usually do everything themselves, on a tight budget. They’ve often created products from their own frustrations and what’s best is they love, live and breathe the brand, which is amazing to see.” 

From the brilliant bath salts that are perfect for when you’re feeling bunged up to the facial oil that’s packed with adaptogenic mushrooms, keep scrolling for Stylist’s pick of the best 11 micro indie beauty brands that you need on your radar…

  • Verdant Alchemy Breathe In Bath Salts

    If you’re a fan of soothing self-care rituals, you’ll love Verdant Alchemy. These mineral-rich bath salts are great for when you’re feeling under the weather. Eucalyptus, lemon and bergamot oils help to soothe airways while thyme, vitamin C and anti-microbial properties help boost your wellbeing. 

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  • Gaia Cleansing Balm

    This lovely luxe brand is great option for those who like to opt for natural and sustainable small-batch products. But it’s the cleansing balm that we think is really worth a special mention – it’s packed with shea butter and jojoba oils which help to feed and replenish the skin while removing excess dirt, grime and make-up. It also smells heavenly. 

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  • Acu Seeds 24K Gold Plated Ear Seed Kit

    With wellness practices becoming increasing more popular, many people are looking for at-home alternatives. Enter: Acu Seeds ear seeds. “They work on the pressure points of your ear to help alleviate problems like headaches, stress, digestion, poor sleep,” explains Freedman. “The founder suffered from chronic fatigue herself and found this to be the life-changing solution – taken from traditional Chinese medicine – she had been waiting for.”

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  • Aesthetically Perfect Skin 20% Vitamin C Serum Capsules

    Developed by an aesthetician based in Liverpool, Aesthetically Perfect Skin offers four core products in a capsule delivery system – to ensure your skin receives the correct amount with every application. There’s a hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C and retinol – all perfectly packaged into capsules. “They’re great for travel, portion control and to ensure you’ve got the necessities your skin needs,” says Freedman.

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  • Herbar The Face Oil

    Potent ingredients and chic packaging make this brand one to definitely have on your radar. Each product is packed with adaptogenic mushroom extracts that work their magic to adapt to your skin’s own personal imbalances, training and strengthening skin against everyday stresses like pollution, stress, smoke and dirt. The face oil is calming, soothing and brightening – everything we want from a facial oil. 

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  • Holm Liquid Gold Bath Oil

    You may already be familiar with the Holm name – House of Lady Muck – that started off as a nail art studio but now, Holm has expanded into a luxury beauty and lifestyle brand. Offering small-batch products from hand wash to home fragrance, it’s the Liquid Gold Bath Oil we really rate.  

    Made with hydrating avocado oil and soothing hemp seed oil, just a couple of drops in your bath helps to soothe and nourish dry skin conditions – including eczema. Every bottle has a dried pink larkspur flower inside from the Kent countryside, which represents an open heart and the celebration of positivity. When finished, keep the bottle with the flower as a permanent feature on your beauty shelf. Gorgeous!

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  • Kind2 The Hydrating One Solid Shampoo Bar

    If you’ve ever been curious about trying a solid shampoo bar but struggled to find one that really suits your hair type – call off the search. Kind2’s range of solid shampoo and conditioners are great for all hair types, helping to bring affordable, sustainable hair care – for everyone. This gently cleansing bar is infused with the power of shea, hemp seed and macadamia oils to restore and hydrate, leaving your hair soft, shiny and smooth. Plus, one bar equates to the same amount of product as two 250ml bottles of shampoo – impressive!

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  • Gen See Spectator Sport Mascara

    With sustainable packaging standards and hardworking vegan and cruelty-free formulations, Gen See launched in the UK in February. With bright block-colour lipsticks, fluffy, lengthening mascara and ultra-hydrating lip gloss, Gen See is a must-try. 

    Our favourite? The non-clumping mascara formula is great for adding length and definition without clumps or smudges throughout the day. A winner. 

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  • Naydaya Scar Saviour

    While this brand has technically just launched in Cult Beauty – we’re still considering it indie. Developed to offer skin saviours at every stage of your life, the brand was founded by mother of three Fiona Toomey who, as a new parent, struggled to find the skin care solutions she was looking for. 

    Our hero buy? This vegan skin recovery balm that works to hydrate the skin deeply while helping to minimise the appearance of all kinds of scarring – including stretch marks and C-section scars.

    Shop Naydaya Scar Saviour at Cult Beauty, £25

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  • Dreem Distillery Bed Balm

    Dreem Distillery is a sleep centric CBD brand that truly works. “I love the packaging and branding, but even more the formulations work,” says Freedman. “I rub a little of their bed balm on the soles of my feet before bed and I’m out before I can even get through half an episode of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

    The potent Bed Balm blends 15 key botanicals – like arnica, hemp, lavender and ylang ylang with broad-spectrum CBD to help relax muscles, soothe aches and relieve tension. 

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  • Un_Did Meltdown

    Inspired by the founder’s Indian upbringing in the UK – Un_Did is the skin and body care brand that marriages two cultures together in the chicest way. Using both traditional Indian herbs and spices together with science packed ingredients, each formula blends heritage with science. 

    Meltdown is a rich but lightweight oil that can be used on both the body and hair. It’s packed with unrefined coconut oil together with vitamin E and cardiospermum to soothe, nourish and lock-in moisture all day long. 

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