Teenager creates the most amazingly intricate hairstyles

You might feel a sense of accomplishment if you’ve mastered a fishtail plait.

But this German teenager has hairstyle skills that are out of this world.

Milena Diekmann is just 17 and yet has taught herself how to create the most intricate braids.

The teenager only learned how to braid these styles a year ago.

Since then, she practices on herself and on wigs to perfect her creations.

Milena has also amassed quite the fanbase on her Instagram, with more than 35,000 followers.

She also shares tutorials on how to create some of the looks seen on her social media profiles.

You can find hairstyles that look like they’re straight out of a Game of Thrones character, or rainbow hair braids, and complicated up-dos that may be ideal for weddings

Milena told Metro.co.uk: ‘I started by watching YouTube videos and practicing hairstyles on myself.

‘I’ve been doing hairstyles for years but I learned most of the (braiding) techniques last year.’

She continued: ‘The hairstyles take me about one hour, but it depends on the hairstyle. My favorite hairstyle is the criss-cross basket weave braid.’

Instagrammers all over the world can’t get enough of Milena’s work and are often in awe of it.

Users often leave comments of admiration, saying: ‘Your work is outstanding!!’ and ‘Whoa! It’s like a tapestry. Stunning!’

One person also left a comment saying: ‘Milena, you are very talented and have an amazing personality! It’s so nice to see how you are gaining new admirers of your talent! You are a treasure, keep up the amazing work’.

We think so too.

Here are some of of Milena’s brilliant hairstyles:

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