Watch a Bodybuilder Attempt to Eat Like The Rock on Cheat Day

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might be one of the most famously swole movie stars of our time, with an infamously full-on training regime and dedication to fitness, but he is also well-known for his cheat days, and regularly shares his favorite treats on Instagram. In a recent YouTube video, bodybuilder Zac Perna puts together a menu based on some of Johnson’s go-to cheat day meals, and spends the day working his way through the 5,000+ calorie menu.

The first (and ultimately best) meal of the day is French toast, made with thick wedges of brioche. Perna blends peanut butter with butter and sugar for the topping, then pours maple syrup over the whole thing. “This is like the best thing I’ve ever eaten,” he says.

Following a lengthy workout, Perna picks up an entire sushi platter and a cheesecake (coming in at more than 2,200 calories) for lunch. And after such a filling breakfast, he is already skeptical at his own ability to get through another dense meal. “I’m not going to be able to finish this,” he says. “I know my limitations.”

He ends up recruiting his family to help him clear the platter, and this is where the challenge starts to get to him. “All the sugars and carbs are giving me a lovely little sugar rush,” he says. “But we did a decent job. I think I’m going to need to go for a walk or something now, because I feel really, really sick. It’s not a fun day. I mean, breakfast was amazing. But I can’t do two cheat meals in a row, if I have one cheat meal, that is all I need. A whole cheat day is excessive, in my opinion.”

Later that evening, he orders a burger and fries for the third and final meal, bringing his total food intake of the day to 5,812 calories—and he’s unlikely to attempt this again, saying the next day that he still feels too full to eat, although all that food does help fuel his morning leg workout.

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