Why You Really Need To Add A Kabuki Brush To Your Makeup Bag

The only thing cuter than the kabuki brush’s name is its look. Compact, versatile, and effective, this makeup tool is a must have for a flawless complexion. Byrdie explains that kabuki brushes work for countless techniques that many of us do on a daily basis. These include layering on foundation and basically any other function that requires you to place your product on a large surface area.

But, beyond using this type of brush to apply your foundation, it actually works for other techniques that many had no idea existed. For instance, Marie Claire shares how this brush can help tame flyaway hairs. Simply spray the top of your brush with some hairspray and run your brush down along your part, pulling away from the top of your head. Just be sure to keep the spray a few inches away from the bristles to prolong the life of your brush.

In addition to smoothing your part, your kabuki brush can give you a smooth makeup look as well. The outlet notes that using your kabuki brush to contour can give you more control over your lines that are well defined. Since the kabuki picks up more powder than regular brushes, it can create the defined line you’re looking for. This type of makeup tool also comes in various shapes and sizes; for this technique, look for an angled kabuki brush.

You can use a kabuki brush on other places than your face

Beyond applying foundation and contouring, using your kabuki brush to smooth your body’s skin is a little known trick that makeup artists swear by. For instance, you can flawlessly apply products to make your shoulders look smooth and soft when you wear your favorite off-the-shoulder shirt. Marie Claire suggests grabbing your favorite highlighting powder after you’ve moisturized your skin and swirling your brush to fully load it. From here, apply in circular motions across your chest, shoulders, collar bones and neck to leave a shimmery glow on your skin.

Plus, having a kabuki in your makeup bag can make travel much easier. Byrdie listed the best kabuki brushes and included an option that came with a lid. Keeping your bristles intact and ready to go, your kabuki brush and lid can ensure that you get the best coverage — even after it’s been sitting at the bottom of your makeup bag. 

If you’re more of a liquid foundation type of makeup wearer, the kabuki can help with this as well. For heavy coverage, this brush can hold a good amount of the product without making it look caked-on, Cosmopolitan notes. Bottom line: no matter what type of foundation or powder you want to put on your face, the kabuki has you covered.

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