A Definitive Guide to the 18 Best Anti-Thinning Hair Product Deals Happening This Black Friday

Thinning hair has its causes, whether it's genetics, hormones, or something else. Regardless of the reason behind the condition, the key to minimizing it is on sale right now: I've curated the finest selection of sales and deals on anti-thinning hair products to shop this Black Friday.   Many brands have long had anti-thinning and/or pro-thickening products in their lineup, and

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An exhibition dedicated to extraordinary hair has come to London and the pictures look incredible

“An ongoing project capturing London’s unique and diverse hairstyles” – the free exhibition is open until August 2022. A free hair-based photography exhibition has opened in south London at The Horniman Museum & Gardens. Cult Hair by Infringe magazine is a photography series celebrating “hair unrestrained by mainstream beauty standards,” aiming to “highlight the power and beauty of people living

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