7 Facts About Chloe Bennet, Who Plays Blossom in the Powerpuff Girls Remake


She Was a Successful Pop Star in China

A live-action remake of The Powerpuff Girls has recently begun filming, and I’m so excited — especially to see Chloe Bennet, who plays Blossom. When I was little, Blossom was the character I always wanted to be. And now, after learning more about Chloe, I’m even more thrilled. From her sense of humor to her activism to her creativity, Chloe is someone I want to see more of and admire. To learn about who she is before the remake comes out, read ahead. Once you see Chloe’s unique Halloween costumes, advocacy for racial justice, and dating tips, you’ll realize how she’s sugar, spice, and everything nice — just like Blossom.

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