A-list Oscars crowd slammed for scripted response to Will Smith slap

Katherine Ryan, 39, has slammed the “outrageous” Oscars crowd for applauding after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock live on stage last year. The comedian branded the controversial moment an “assault” while also calling the ceremony “scripted” due to the audience’s theatrical response.

It sets a very dangerous precedent in comedy!

Katherine Ryan

Express.co.uk asked Katherine what she thought about the slap, nearly one year on since the “outrageous” Oscars moment.

She said: “Well, I know that it’s a very loaded slap and there are all these discussions that have branched out from it about like male friendships and about partnerships, and about open relationships, and couples, and dating younger and about, you know, the black community in general.

“And there have been so many discussions, which I think is really interesting.

“One event has such a butterfly effect that people are having discussions for years.”

Katherine then shared her opinion on the “scripted” awards show, wishing she could have seen more “natural reactions”.

She continued: “They don’t know who to be unless someone gives them a script.

“And I thought it was so funny to watch all of Hollywood, pause and look around like, ‘Oh, how are we meant to react to that?’

“They don’t have natural reactions. They don’t know if it’s set up or if it’s part of the sketch. If we still like Will Smith, why did we stand and applaud?”

This comes as Chris broke his silence on the incident a year on in his live Netflix comedy special.

He was praised for maintaining his composure following the incident.

Katherine, however, shared how she believes Chris’ response shows the “dark moments” of comedy in a perfect light.

She continued: “What’s wonderful about being a comedian is you get to articulate yourself in the way that you want at the time that you want to, and he’s such a talented comedian.

“You know, I think it’s a perfect example of when comedy can have some truth, and some dark moments, and some reflection, but also he’s still made it quite funny. I think it was edgy. It was a bit dangerous – some of the things that he said.

“But I think comedy is a wonderful way to express yourself much in the same way that Taylor Swift writes music about ex-boyfriends sometimes, you know, I think it’s a great outlet.”

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