A Place In The Sun’s Lee Juggurnauth details past weight struggles ‘It feels horrendous’

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A Place In the Sun’s newest host Lee Juggurnauth, 34, has bravely detailed his weight struggles as a teenager when he was younger. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the star opened up about his hard time at school, before revealing that he only properly started taking care of himself in his late 20’s.

You just have to go through these ups and downs and at the time it feels horrendous

Lee Juggurnauth

Speaking about social media platform Instagram, the model and founder of clothing line Juggernauth spoke candidly about his past weight battles.

While saying that the app allows its users to show their best sides, Lee also warned that people with a large following should take responsibility for what they share.

He said: “That is the beauty and the downfall of instagram because everyone that is on it.

“Of course we’re going to want to show the best side of ourselves, but I also think it’s really essential for anyone who’s in a position of privilege where they have a bit of a platform and an audience to always try and be open and honest about things”, he added.

The star went on to speak frankly about his experience at school, which he said he hadn’t enjoyed.

Lee continued: “I’m 34, and whereas it might look like I have all the confidence in the world, believe me it’s not the case.

“I have severe insecure moments and growing up, I went to a predominantly white school and school wasn’t great for me, it wasn’t fun at all.”

The property guru added: “I was the only person of colour there, that reflected in, racism, discrimination all that stuff and then – I wasn’t the best looking kid as well until my mid-20’s.

The star went on to reveal that he only properly got into taking care of himself and working out in the past few years.

The former runner added: “I was quite heavy as a child, not as a child as a teenager, and I only really discovered fitness and wellbeing and stuff in my late 20’s.”

Speaking about being a late bloomer, the star acknowledged that while it felt “horrendous” at the time, he learnt something from the experience.

“I do think, ‘God, why did this not happen to me sooner?’, but you just have to go through these ups and downs and at the time it feels horrendous.”

Lee elaborated: “Like when you get turned down for something – rejection is horrible, no one likes to be rejected whether its in a relationship or its in a career.

“But I do genuinely think that obviously at the time it’s not nice, but you will learn something from this”, the presenter explained.

The star previously addressed being turned down following an audition for the property show two years ago, as Channel 4 bosses were in favour of hiring a female host.

However, the presenter’s persistence and hard work paid off and he was told last year that he had finally landed his dream TV role.

Recently Lee revealed that he is in sunny Greece filming episodes for the property show’s latest series.

Days ago the star shared a short clip of blue skies and sandy beaches with his 25,000 followers.

He captioned the video: “Great first week back filming in Greece . Can’t wait for you to see this episode.”

A Place In The Sun continues weekdays on Channel 4 at 4pm.

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