Abbie Burnett Honored with Duggar Family Baby Shower!

Last year, John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett announced that they’re pregnant with their very first child!

Abbie’s due date is just days away, and so naturally, she had her very first baby shower.

On January 3, Abbie experienced her first-ever baby shower at the home of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

The official Duggar Instagram account shared photos from the event along with a kind caption.

“It was a sweet time celebrating @johnandabbie with a shower,” the caption begins.

The post continues, noting how excited they were to honor Abbie and John David “before the arrival of their baby!”

“We are counting down the days with you, Abbie,” the caption continued.

The entire family eagerly anticipatest he birth of Abbie’s child “and can’t wait to meet your precious little girl.”

The caption then ties it in to the baby shower and the gifts entailed, concluding: “and see her in all those new adorable outfits!!”

Baby shower gifts aren’t just a thoughtful gesture, they’re a great way to spare new parents a lot of expenses that can pile up.

One of the photos shows Michelle Duggar speaking and the whole gang gathered.

Not all baby showers invite children — for some, they kill the mood. For others, it’s just not appropriate.

But we hope that it’s no surprise to anyone that the Duggars aren’t playing any risque games at Abbie’s baby shower.

They’re just giving her gifts and lots of love.

We mentioned that Abbie is due very, very soon/

While official statements say that the baby is due sometime in January, it looks like a more specific due date may be January 14.

That is, as we said, just days away.

And as we all know, sometimes a baby can surprise everyone involved by arriving sooner.

John David and Abbie got a “late” start on growing their family by having children — but only by Duggar standards.

He is 29 years old. She is 27 years old.

Among normal people who exist within society instead of on its fringes, that is considered a normal time to think about having kids — if you can afford it.

But of course, in the Duggar world, many of the children are married off before they even reach the legal drinking age.

Abbie is one of a slew of current Duggar pregnancies that have fans just beside themselves with excitement.

In fact, she recently revealed the cute way that she announced it to the family.

After having been “sick” for some time, she nervously approached her sisters-in-law as they prepared to take a pregnancy photograph together.

Abbie asked if she could join in — and the other young women immediately swarmed her with hugs and congratulations.

There was a time when John David was a self-proclaimed “Bachelor ’til the Rapture.”

(The concept of the rapture may have been invented in the 1800s without any biblical precedent, but that’s a great rhyme!)

Now, he’s about to become a father — and Abbie is about to become a mother.

Fans are looking forward to the birth and hoping that everything goes smoothly for Abbie and her unborn daughter in the coming weeks.

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