Almond mom Gwyneth Paltrow criticized for being too rich to swallow vitamins

When did you first realize that Gwyneth Paltrow is nothing more than a snob promoting disordered eating? I realized it more than a decade ago, when she “wrote” a cookbook all about her elimination diet and it read like someone who has a profoundly unhealthy relationship with food. That combined with the first years of her Goop newsletter, which were mostly about her various “detox diets” and “intermittent fasts.” She’s bragged about doctors telling her that she’s dreadfully unhealthy and she’s not getting enough nutrients, but she’s spent decades being the poster girl for seriously unhealthy fad diets dressed up as “wellness.” Well, now a new generation of celeb-watchers is figuring out that Paltrow is an OG of disordered eating. TikTokers ripped Paltrow to shreds for being an “almond mom,” a term I’m just hearing for the first time. According to internet slang, an almond mom is “a parent who imparts unhealthy food beliefs or disordered eating on their child.” That’s 100% Gwyneth Paltrow. Only it’s not just Gwyneth imposing this on her kids, this is the foundation of her entire Goop empire.

Gwyneth Paltrow is nothing if not controversial. The wellness guru has been dragged by TikTok users for being an “almond mom” – a term used for adults who push disordered eating onto their children – following a recent podcast interview.

Paltrow, 50, appeared on Monday’s episode of “The Art of Being Well,” and broke down her daily wellness routine while administering an IV.

“I’m really embarrassing myself right here,” the Oscar winner said of the IV in her arm. “I love an IV, I’m an early IV adopter,” she continued, noting Glutathione and Phosphatidylcholine were her two of favorites. “They’re quite hard to find, and those make me feel so good.”

As for her daily wellness routine, Paltrow revealed she intermittent fasts and eats something “that won’t spike [her] blood sugar” around 12 p.m.

“I love soup … I have bone broth for a lot of the days,” she said. “I try to do one hour of movement, so I’ll go for a walk or I’ll do pilates or I’ll do my Tracy Anderson [workouts].”

The Goop founder then dry brushes in the sauna for 30 minutes and has a vegetable-heavy dinner in line with the paleo diet to “support [her] detox.”

TikTok users were quick to comment on Paltrow’s makeup-free appearance, and just how “out of touch” her routine actually is.

“Insufferable,” a user bluntly commented. “She looks physically sick so how much are these IVs really helping??” one person wrote, while another suggested she was “too rich to swallow vitamins whole.”

“The mother of all almond moms,” a fourth person chimed in, while another added, “what is she detoxing from if she doesn’t eat?”

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I am laughing my ass off at “too rich to swallow vitamins whole.” That’s exactly what it is. Imagine being so rich and so out of touch that you just wander around, paying for IVs instead of eating a healthy diet! Like, Gwyneth has never argued that people should simply eat in moderation, remember to get your leafy greens and try not to eat too many potato chips. The complete goal, for Gwyneth, is to simply eat as little as possible and to constantly be in a state of vitamin deficiency so severe that she has an IV connection. I love the term “almond mom” too – I’m glad the youths are calling it out and creating a term for what this is.

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