Amazon Increases Reward to $50k for Info on Nooses Found at Warehouse

Amazon’s desperately trying to get to the bottom of how a bunch of nooses mysteriously appeared at one of its warehouses under construction in Connecticut.

The e-commerce giant kicked in another $25k to double the $25k initially put up by developer RC Anderson LLC … for any information about the menacing discovery on the construction site. It’s now been weeks since police were first called to the Windsor, Conn. location to investigate a noose left at what will eventually be an Amazon fulfillment center.

Cops say a supervisor at the construction site spotted the “hangman’s noose” dangling from a steel beam on the second floor back on April 27. Employees were informed about the incident and the company immediately held an anti-discrimination training class.

Just a couple of days later police were called back to the site when 5 more ropes “that could be interpreted as nooses” were found scattered across the facility.

Cops took the ropes and they’re currently at a crime lab. The FBI is also reportedly aware of the incident but it hasn’t joined the investigation yet. So far, there are no suspects and cops can’t determine whether anyone at the site was specifically targeted.

A rep for Amazon says it “remains deeply disturbed by the incident that occurred in Windsor a couple of weeks ago.” The rep added, “Hate, racism and discrimination have no place in our society and are not tolerated in any development associated with Amazon — whether it be under construction like this one, or fully operational.”

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