Andy Cohen rehomed his rescue dog after seven years due to aggression

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Back in 2013, Andy Cohen adopted a beagle-foxhound mixed breed dog from a kill center in West Virginia. He named the pup Wacha after Michael Wacha, a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Andy told Today at the time that he’d never had a dog growing up and almost turned around while on his way to pick Wacha up because he worried his schedule was too busy to raise a dog. However, Andy said it was love at first sight for the two and has generously shared photos of Wacha on Instagram. That included, until recently, photos of Andy’s son Ben, one, and Wacha huddled together in fraternal bliss. Only, that wasn’t the full story, apparently, and the real story forced Andy to make a very sad decision. Over the weekend, Andy posted a video playing with Wacha and letting his fans know that due to increased aggression from Wacha towards Ben, Andy rehomed Wacha for the health of everyone. His caption read:

I’ve put off sharing this news as long as I could. As you may know, Wacha is my first baby, my beautiful rescue puppy. He is my pride and joy. When he came into my life, my world changed. Over the nearly seven years that I’ve been blessed to have Wacha in my life, we have worked to address some occasional random signs of aggression. No effort was spared in the attempt to help Wacha feel adjusted. After an incident a few months ago, numerous professionals led me to the conclusion that my home is simply not a good place for him. Keeping him here could be catastrophic for Ben and worse for Wacha. The good news is that he now has a permanent home with his second family, in the place he lived every single time I went out of town. He is thriving. We still see each other, but a piece of my heart is gone. I miss his weight on top of me first thing in the morning. I miss him waiting for me in front of the shower. And I miss the sound of his paws on the floor when I come home. I am not the same person I was when I got him. My dog changed me. He opened me up to love.. to caring… and ultimately to having a family. When I think of him – let’s be honest, when don’t I think of him – it’s with the clarity that we were meant to come into each other’s lives exactly when we did, and that he’s happy, which gives me peace of mind. We did rescue each other. Thank you, Wacha.

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As I said when I defended Jamie Otis when she had to rehome her pet because of aggression towards her daughter, I understand a parent making this choice. Most dog owners assume that their pup will react towards everyone the way they react to them. But that’s not always the case and unfortunately, some don’t find out until a baby/child is introduced into the situation. Two weeks after Andy brought Ben home, he posted an IG meant to be funny about Wacha chewing up Ben’s stuffed Torah toy According to Andy, many people DM’d him telling him to watch out, that the dog was showing signs of jealousy. Andy was hurt by the reaction, thinking it was just a funny moment to post on social. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know toy destruction could indicate jealousy on a pet’s part, either. It’s possible that Andy has been navigating the relationship between Wacha and Ben from the start. When he said keeping Wacha could be catastrophic for Ben, clearly the situation was unsolvable. And he’s right, if anything had happened to Ben, certain laws mandate euthanizing an animal. At the very least, they’d be sent to a mandated training farm and I’ve known dogs that came back from those, they weren’t the same. My heart goes out to anybody that has to make this choice, I’m sure it never leaves you.

However, since Andy had to do this it sounds like the best possible scenario for Wacha. He went to a home in which he’s already stayed, with people he’s familiar and trusts. He still gets to see Andy. This sounds like it is hard on everyone, but I do think it was handled in the best interest of all involved. I’m sure Andy isn’t thinking of his next pet yet, but the good news is that should he adopt another dog, the dog would be entering the home with Ben already in it, which sets up an different dominance structure, so another dog could be very successful in the home.

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TWO Valentines! Lucky me ♥️♥️♥️

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TWO Valentines! Lucky me ♥️♥️♥️

Many have asked how @therealwacha & his brother are getting along. Here you go! 💋 🐶 #loveyourpetday.

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