Avril Lavigne Showed Up at the VMAs Looking Like Pop Punk Cher from Clueless

In case you hadn’t noticed from Travis Barker being the most famous celebrity of the moment, the year is secretly 2002. So obviously it just makes SENSE that Avril Lavigne would show up on the 2021 VMAs red carpet, wearing a look I can only describe as Hot Topic meets Cher from Clueless meets me in 7th grade during my rebellious phase. And SHE PULLED IT OFF and then some.

^ Cher Horowitz would be proud, tbqh.

Avril showed up with her boyfriend Mod Sun, who showed us how edgy he is with his ANARCHY sign:

“The VMAs hold a very special place in my heart because this is where I won my very first award ever, a Moon Man for best new artist,” Avril said during her red carpet interview with MTV, adding “so I love to be at the VMAs.”

She also gave some advice to up-and-coming artists, saying “My advice is always just be like true to. yourself, and follow your heart and have as much fun as possible. Yeah, be true to yourself, do your thing.”

Oh, and while we’re here, FYI that Avril and Mod Sun are close friends with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, who also hit the VMAs red carpet tonight. Machine Gun Kelly is performing his new single “Papercuts” with Travis Barker….meaning Kourtney Kardashian could also be in attendance. Basically, it’s all just HAPPENING and the vibes are distinctively aughts.

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