Baby Dolphin Found Dead After It Was Allegedly Used For Instagram Photo Op


A baby dolphin has been found dead in Florida … and investigators believe it’s the same one used in an Instagram photo-op by two guys just days before.

The deceased bottlenose dolphin was found near Jacksonville Wednesday, according to local outlet News4JAX — officials believe it’s the same one seen in a photo posted on Instagram. Officials can’t yet tell if the animal was already dead at the time of the pic.


The controversial snap, reportedly posted by a 19-year-old man, caused uproar online … with the teenager claiming he’s gotten death threats over the post. He’s since apologized for his upload, reportedly saying he didn’t catch the dolphin but merely found it.


As for a connection to the now-dead dolphin, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the deceased dolphin’s dorsal fin — which they say is unique to each dolphin — matched the one in the photo.

FYI, harassing wild dolphins is illegal under the Marine Mammal Protection Act … and now, investigators are looking into the alleged incident, namely the bottlenose’s cause of death. As of now, the unnamed men aren’t facing any charges.

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