Boris Becker Wont Appeal Jail Sentence for Hiding Over $3M to Avoid Paying Debts After Bankruptcy

The disgraced tennis ace confirms he will accept the verdict after being sentenced to two years and six months behind bars by a judge who blasted him for his lack of remorse.

AceShowbizBoris Becker will not appeal his jail sentence after hiding £2.5 million (approximately $3.1 million) of assets to get out of paying his bankruptcy debts. The disgraced tennis ace was last month sentenced to two years and six months behind bars after a judge blasted him for his lack of remorse.

Even though it was thought he was confident he would be freed by winter, he has now confirmed he will accept the verdict. In his first statement since sentencing, the six-time Grand Slam champion told Daily Mail, “I wish to make it clear that I accept the verdicts of the jury, I accept the sentence imposed upon me and that is why I have no intention of seeking any form of appeal. I will serve my sentence in accordance with the court’s decisions.”

The dad-of-four is a three-time Wimbledon winner and was convicted of flouting insolvency rules by concealing millions in cash, shares and property after being declared bankrupt in 2017. Judge Deborah Taylor said, “The obligation was on you to disclose these assets but you did not. I take into account your fall from grace. You’ve lost your career, reputation and all your properties.”

“However, you have shown no remorse,” the Judge continued. “While I accept the humiliation you may have felt as a result of these proceedings, there has been no humility.”

To claw back some money, Becker is said to be planning a tell-all memoir on his spectacular fall from grace. He was sentenced to two years and six months for removal of property, plus 18 months each for three charges of failing to disclose assets, with all terms to run concurrently.

It was found he made £390,000 (roughly $491,000) in payments from his business account following his bankruptcy to nine others. They included his ex-wife Barbara, 55, and estranged wife Lilly, 45, with whom he had his fourth child.

Becker was cleared of a further 20 charges, which included nine counts of failing to hand over his tennis trophies and medals. He said all money transfers made were “commitments to his children and other dependents, medical and professional fees, and other expenses.”

Becker was made bankrupt after failing to meet payments on a $3 million-plus loan on his lavish estate in Mallorca, Spain.

His lawyer Jonathan Laidlaw told Southwark Crown Court, London, “Boris Becker has literally nothing and there is also nothing to show for what was the most glittering of sporting careers and that is correctly termed as nothing short of a tragedy. These proceedings have destroyed his career entirely and ruined any further prospect of earning an income.”

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