Brad Pitt Does Some Soul-Searching In Space In The Trailer For "Ad Astra"

First he took a time machine back to 1969, now he’s using a rocket ship to get as far away as possible from his responsibilities here on earth. The lengths William Bradley Pitt will go to to avoid looking like a 55-year-old divorced father of 6 are truly staggering. But what’s the use of being an actor if you can’t use the rich fantasy world created around you to work out some personal issues. In the trailer for Ad Astra, the many times delayed deep space therapy session/adventure, Brad’s character is an astronaut grappling with some daddy issues. Rocket fuel and daddy issues, what could go wrong?

Here’s the trailer for Ad Astra which co-stars Liv Tyler in the role Natalie Walker was born to play, that of Supportive Wife Whose Face Is Always In Shadow.

Can’t say this got my juices flowing. All space movies just look the same to me these days. The only good part comes at about 1:10 when dude lays out a bunch of head shots of Tommy Lee Jones and says “This may come as a shock to you”. I imagine that dialog continues with “but we cast TLJ as your dad. This is what we think you’re going to look like in approximately 10 years” to which Brad says he’d just as soon die in space.

According to The Verge, Ad Astra is directed by James Gray who previously worked with Brad on another sausage-fest, The Lost City of Z, on which Brad was an executive producer. I guess after getting burned by By The Sea, Brad’s not taking any chances getting directed by a lady.

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