Brenda Blethyn’s ‘most embarrassing moment’ at Golden Globes laid bare: ‘Dreaded it’

Brenda Blethyn recalls embarrassing tv moment

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Brenda stars in the much-loved drama Vera, of which the final episode of season 10 airs tonight.  It sees Alun Wilmott, a wealthy betting shop tycoon killed during a home invasion while large sums of cash missing from his personal safe. Vera, the enigmatic yet curmudgeon detective, believes it to be an inside job and suspects the victim’s head of private security Ciaran Duggan, who has a history of violent crime.

She searches for evidance to pin the murder on the Ciaran, but quesitons over whether she is looking in the right place soon crop up. 

Brenda’s career, which has spanned six decades, has seen her pick up BAFTA and Golden Globe awards, as well as nominations for two Oscars.

The 76-year-old’s role as DCI Vera Stanhope has only solidified the actress’ already glistening career.

Naturally, Brenda has rubbed shoulders with some of Hollywood’s most famous faces.

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Yet, while attending the Golden Globes in 1997, the actress’ “most embarrassing moment” took place.

Last year, she told the Daily Mail: “At the Golden Globes I was wearing an all-in-one Armani tuxedo.

“I was nominated for Best Actress for Secrets & Lies.

“It was just coming up to my category so I nipped to the ladies and wriggled out of the suit.

“As I did so my brooch fell onto the floor. I dived after it but hadn’t finished weeing so I weed all over my collar.

“I dreaded going back to the table but consoled myself by thinking they weren’t going to call my name out ‒ but they did. Nicolas Cage presented the award.”

For her performance in Secrets & Lies Brenda received the Best Actress award at Cannes as well as a BAFTA and Golden Globe.

Despite making her major breakthrough in Mike Leigh’s 1996 critically acclaimed drama, offscreen Brenda’s life has remained refreshingly calm.

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She has been with her second husband Michael Mayew, a director at the National Theatre, since the mid-Seventies.

When asked about the “best kiss” she’d ever had by the Daily Mail Brenda said: “From my husband, Michael Mayhew.

“I was besotted with him when we first met at the National Theatre.

“I was at the bar and I heard him say, ‘Are you hungry?’, but he wasn’t looking at me but at the barmaid.

“I looked away. He said, ‘Well, are you?’ And I realised he was talking to me after all.

“After we’d been together for 35 years he proposed to me on Skype. I was away, either in France or in Newcastle.

“It was great ‒ I told him to get down on one knee and he disappeared off the screen.”

In the same interview the actress revealed other aspects of her off-screen life, including how she likes to relax.

She said: “I love puzzles and crosswords. I print them out to take in for members of the crew at work.

“I do the cryptic one in about half an hour, which some people would think is a snail’s pace. The fastest I’ve done ‘the concise’ is three minutes.”

Vera airs at 9pm on ITV One.

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