‘British are far too coy about money’ The Chases Anne Hegerty on millionaire rumours

Anne Hegerty on why she likes spending Christmas alone

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Anne Hegerty, 63, has revealed that she doesn’t mind her wealth being discussed in the news, however she denies the claims that she is a millionaire. This comes after copies of her accounts were obtained by The Sun in August, with the accounts revealing The Governess had earned well over £1 million in the last two years.

British are far too coy about money.

Anne Hegerty

The quizzer, also known as The Governess on The Chase, has featured on the popular quiz show for over a decade.

The star’s firm, Frosty Knickers Ltd, sent their books in August to Companies House to cover the past year, according to The Sun.

The numbers reportedly revealed that Anne had a Corporation Tax Bill of around £200,000 over the past two years, meaning that her income would have exceeded the one million mark.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Anne revealed how she felt about her wealth being discussed publicly.

She said: “I don’t mind, I find the British are far too coy about money.”

The Governess, however, overtly denied that she was part of the millionaires club.

Anne continued: “I wish.

“I don’t spend an awful lot, so all the money is in the bank, but it’s not a million quid I can tell you that.”

The Governess then detailed what she does spend her money on, with the idea of a holiday being “just staying at home”.

She said: “I am doing okay, I own a flat in Manchester, and I am renting a house in Watford.

“That’s basically my expense. I drive a Honda Jazz, which is 7 years old.

“The Beast drives one of those enormous cars like a tank, and I’m like no.”


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She continued: “I have enough trouble parallel parking my Jazz, I don’t want one of those massive things.”

The star revealed her idea of a holiday is just sitting at home and chilling, and getting her house chores done.

This is because Anne lives a very busy life, with fitting in The Chase and her other work commitments.

For the last eight years, Anne has been taking part in pantomimes every Christmas.

This year Anne will be playing Mrs Blundermore in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Her panto will be shown throughout December at The Beck Theatre in Hayes.

Anne’s previous pantos include Beauty and the Beast, Once Upon a Pantomime and Dick Whittington to name a few.

The Governess recently shared her condolences to co-star Jenny Davies after her panto was cancelled this year.

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