British troops ‘disgusted’ at Prince Harry over Megxit, war hero claims

British troops are “disgusted” at Prince Harry for his abrupt Megxit decision, according to a decorated British war hero who said he’ll no longer “raise a toast to him” over the royal mess.

Former Royal Marine Commando Captain James Glancy praised Harry for his two tours of Afghanistan, as well as his “brilliant work in charity.” But he called on the Duke of Sussex to quit as captain general of the Royal Marines, his former unit, over his bombshell decision to quit the royal family.

“His behavior in the last year is not becoming of somebody that holds these important positions,” Glancy, who won the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross in 2012 for courage and leadership, told politician Nigel Farage on the LBC radio show.

“Now I’ve spoken to other Royal Marines, and other people in the military, and they’re very upset if not disgusted at the disrespect to the Queen by not discussing this,” he said, referring to reports that Harry’s announcement “blindsided” Buckingham Palace.

“If Harry goes down this route of semi-privatizing his role, I wouldn’t raise a toast to him as he wouldn’t have my respect,” he said on the show, according to The Telegraph.

He insisted that Harry is “absolutely entitled” to move overseas and try to make millions — but first has to completely quit all his titles and privileges in the UK.

“You don’t sit as captain general, or in any other position, and make millions of pounds because that opportunity is not available to a soldier, to a marine, who is on [$25,000] a year,” Glancy said on the radio show. “They can’t turn up to their commanding officer and say, ‘Do you know what, boss, I’m going to go and live in another country, but would you mind still paying me?’”

Referring to Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, the former officer said it is understandable why the “public is up in arms” about “a Canadian wanting to privatize the monarchy.”

Markle is an American actress.

“It’s not acceptable,” he said.

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