Britney Spears' Request to Advance Conservatorship Hearing on Jamie Denied

Britney Spears didn’t want to wait until September to ask a judge to boot her dad from her conservatorship, but the judge just shut down her request.

The singer’s request to move up the hearing to sometime this month or to at least suspend Jamie immediately until the final hearing, was denied … according to a new court order, obtained by TMZ. There’s no specific reason given for the legal “no” … but it was denied without prejudice, meaning she can bring it up again.

But, at the moment, Jamie’s going to stay on.

As for why … typically the issue is whether waiting for the scheduled hearing would cause irreparable harm to Britney. Her lawyer, Mat Rosengart, said Jamie’s presence was taking a toll on Britney’s mental health, and he says doctors felt that way as well. But, the judge apparently didn’t think there was enough proof that waiting would cause such damage.

The judge left the door open … so if there’s solid proof waiting would be disastrous for Britney, Rosengart could re-file his motion.

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