Candice Patton Talks About Getting The Role of The Flash’s Iris West: ‘I Felt Surreal’

Candice Patton absolutely stuns in her new cover story for Grumpy magazine.

The 31-year-old Flash actress is talking all about the moment the role of Iris West came to her, rejection, and much more. Check it:

On landing the role of Iris West on The Flash: “I remember the email [my manager] said, ‘this one is yours, you’re perfect for it.’ It didn’t seem like it was thrown my way. I got home for Christmas in Texas, [and] I really thought it was dead in the water for me. I came back in the new year and they wanted me to come back in. Within two days, I had the job, and it felt surreal.”

On using her platform for good: “I do think it’s important if you have means, whether that’s money of a platform, to do something with it. I have a little bit of that so it’s my honor to find things and projects that I’m passionate about, and to use whatever I have to help those projects. [With Shethority], There is so much negativity online and I know women and girls are constantly dealing with so much standards of beauty that are absolutely insane. We wanted to create a space for our fans to feel empowered and recognized and to give them a voice.”

On dealing with rejection: “I worked on having a thick skin, being comfortable hearing the word ‘no’ and just continuing to work. The jobs will come if you constantly focus on getting better and doing better.”

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