Carly Pearce Offers Warning To The ‘Next Girl’ In New Single

Country singer-songwriter Carly Pearce dropped a new single, “Next Girl,” on Friday, September 4.

Pearce co-wrote the song with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. In the song, Pearce tries to give a warning to the “Next Girl” who is dating her ex.

“He knows how to say all the right things / Knows how to get you outta that dress / Knows how to make you think you’re the best thing / But I know what happens next, girl,” she sings.

Pearce recently filed for divorce from her marriage to fellow artist Michael Ray just over eight months after their wedding.

Carly told American Songwriter that her new song taps into the energy of ’80s and ’90s country, which was centered around a powerful female perspective.

“That was the thing about Patty Loveless and so many of these women: They were so strong, and so real,” the singer adds. “They stuck up for themselves, earned their own money, fell in love, got hurt, but they were always their own women.”

(Photo: Allister Ann)

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