Carol Vorderman stole image of Richard Whiteley from Countdown amid unpleasant show exit

Carol Vorderman recalls singing with Richard Whiteley

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Carol Vorderman, 60, has admitted that she once stole a photo of her and the late Richard Whiteley from the Countdown studio. The television and radio presenter has claimed that the producers refused to let her take the photo away after she left the show.

Every time after he died I would kiss my fingers and plant one on his cheek on this photograph.

Carol Vorderman

Carol explained on BBC Radio Wales on Saturday that she kept a photo of Richard and her taken during their time together on Countdown. The photo was kept in her studio office.

The presenter recalled the incident while talking to co-host Owain Wyn Evans.

She talked about how it would have been the pair’s 39th anniversary on the telly this week.

She said: “You know Richard Whiteley passed away young.

“After he died my favourite photograph of him and I was in the corridor outside my dressing room.

“I moved it literally outside my dressing room.

“Every time after he died I would kiss my fingers and plant one on his cheek on this photograph.

“When I left Countdown (it wasn’t particularly pleasant), and I said “Can i have that photograph? And someone said no.

“I took it anyway. I’ve got it.”

She added that they “will not take my Whiters away from me.”

As colleagues who got on famously, the pair (Richard and Carol) had many stories together.

Regular guest Gyles Brandreth once recounted a story in which he noted a hole in the wall after walking into Richard’s office.

He said: “He was so proud of Countdown and I remember I went into his dressing room in the Countdown studios one day, it had been beautifully painted and he was very proud of it.

“But, I saw a hole in the wall just above on his dressing table.”

Gyles asked the Countdown host if he was aware of the hole that went all the way through to Carol’s dressing room.

According to Gyles, Richard replied: “The moment I saw, I was going to phone maintenance and report it but then I thought what the hell, let her look.”

“He was very amusing,” he added.

The host died in 2005 aged 61 after undergoing heart surgery.

After his death, he was replaced by Des Lynam.

Carol left the show shortly after Richard’s death and was replaced by Rachel Riley.

Since that time, Carol has also presented ITV’s Loose Women from 2011 until 2014 and has appeared on shows such as I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

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