Chanelle Hayes flaunts 9st weight loss in pink bikini after gastric sleeve surgery

Chanelle Hayes showcased her impressive nine stone weight loss as she soaked up the sun in Spain.

The former Big Brother star, 34, revealed her slimmed-down figure in a neon pink bikini, after documenting her health journey to fans online after overhauling her diet and undergoing gastric sleeve surgery earlier this year.

Chanelle appeared relaxed as she soaked up the Spanish sunshine and went makeup free.

She also wore her long brown locks down in a wavy hairstyle as she walked along the beach.

The reality star shared how she’d lost a further half a stone over the past few weeks due to a new healthy eating plan.

Opening up about her amazing new look, Chanelle told The Sun: “It wasn’t my goal to lose loads of weight but because I have been more mindful of my eating, I have lost half a stone through the MuscleFood Goal Getters plan over three weeks. It’s been so easy for me.”

Chanelle has been sharing her journey with fans and explained that she had the surgery for health reasons.

She said at the time: “So I hit a personal goal recently and now weigh back inside the 9 stones! But not everything is about what it says on the scales…

"In the first pic on the left I didn’t even know my weight because I didn’t want to… Although I know it was around 17 stone as I had surgery not too long from that pic (I took that picture to use as inspiration to get healthy again).

"What I do know is that I couldn’t walk up the stairs that day and opted for the escalator on that trip. I also had to put talc under my boobs, in between my thighs and under my upper arms to stop the rashes I would get from chafing.”

Chanelle has been open about her food addiction as well as her weight loss journey with her fans, regularly posting updates to her 118,00 followers.

She opened up on her recent surgery and told her followers: "I know some people see #bariatricsurgery as cheating… but it’s not an easy road, and one that was difficult for me to decide to walk down.

"I want to share my experience on here because #foodaddiction is real and, whether people choose bariatrics or not, the way this addiction is viewed by society as a whole is as though it’s “just an excuse to be greedy”. It's not," she said.

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