Charlamagne Tha God Gives a Vague Response to ‘The Breakfast Club’ Exit Rumors

In his podcast, Charlamagne addresses the rumors, which he believes started by Joe Budden following their discussion about him preparing to leave The Breakfast Club’ soon.

AceShowbizCharlamagne Tha God has broken his silence on speculations that he would leave “The Breakfast Club”. In a recent episode of “The Brilliant Idiots”, Charlamagne addressed the rumors, which he believed started by Joe Budden following their discussion about him preparing to leave “The Breakfast Club” soon.

Joe previously said on “Joe Budden Podcast”, “I think that it dramatically changes the course of things, I do. I do not understate his importance – their importance – what they’ve done in 10 years.” He went on saying, “I won’t overplay the alleged tension that exists in that crew because that’s what happens after 10 years.”

“A lot of people ran with what I said in that interview and they did articles on it and stuff like that,” said Charlamagne Tha God on his podcast with Andrew Schulz. “You know what I be more concerned about? I don’t like the misinformation about platforms, whether it’s ‘The Brilliant Idiots’ or ‘The Breakfast Club’.”

He went on to say, “I saw Joe say that and I was looking at YouTube comments and seeing people say ‘Brilliant Idiots isn’t that successful’ and I’m like, that’s so disrespectful because it just shows me how misinformed people are.”

CTG, however, didn’t confirm if the rumors were neither true nor false. He also refused to say much about the status of his contract with “The Breakfast Club”. Meanwhile, he defended his shows, noting that “Brilliant Idiots” has gained over 80+ million listeners. He also said that “The Breakfast Club” is still relevant despite people’s claims.

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