Cheryl Burke Reveals The Strict Rules ‘DWTS’ Is Following Amidst Pandemic: ‘We’re Tested Every Day’ & More

Due to the coronavirus, safety is a priority on season 29 of ‘DWTS,’ and pro dancer, Cheryl Burke, told us exactly how the show is ensuring that the cast and crew stays healthy.

Things are going to be much different on season 29 of Dancing With the Stars. Due to the threat of the coronavirus, there will be no live audience, and cast and crew members have been following strict quarantine regulations since rehearsals began earlier this week. We caught up with Cheryl Burke, who is back as a pro dancer on the show this season, to find out just how the show is making it work.

“We get to our rehearsal and we want to get there about 30-40 minutes earlier because we have to get tested,” Cheryl, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while promoting her signature mask line for Bailey Blue. “We get tested right away.” She also added that the couples aren’t allowed to mingle in the dance studio like they usually do. “Everybody has their allotted time and that’s what you get,” Cheryl explained. “If you’re late, it doesn’t matter. They have to air out the studio for 30 minutes [after each rehearsal]. They have to disinfect the room before the next couple shows up.”

To limit the amount of people coming in contact with one another, the producers also aren’t allowed in the studio with the couples during rehearsal. “It’s just these crazy, scary cameras and you run to the other side of the room and all of a sudden you just see a camera that’s slowly following you,” Cheryl revealed. “I’m not sure if I like it. What’s scary is that you’re mic-ed and what you say is what you say. Everybody’s listening, regardless! You’re not really taking a break until you’re leaving the room.”

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