Chloe Bailey Sends Love to Fan Accusing Her of Photoshopping Her Pics

Instead of getting upset by the Photoshopping allegation, the 24-year-old Chloe x Halle star shares a sweet response to the said fan as she sets the record straight.

AceShowbizChloe Bailey was accused of Photoshopping her recent pictures by a fan. However, instead of getting upset by the allegation, the Chloe x Halle star showed love to the individual as she set the record straight.

Taking to Instagram, the 24-year-old shared photos and videos of her performing in a white-blue latex bodysuit. In the caption, she wrote, “put me on the team coach #allstar.”

While some people were impressed by Chloe’s sexy figure, others assumed that the photos were edited. A fan asked, “Is this real or photoshop?” with a series of eye-roll emojis. Another commented, “I love you girl, but the photoshop is too much here. Your body is amazing without it. This doesn’t look real.”

In response, Chloe sweetly responded, “I love you too. It’s the combo of a corset, latex, and the lower angle. I love my body when I have extra weight on me.” She continued, “I love my body when I get snatched because I’m dancing a lot.”

“Y’know I love editing but I’ve been working hard on my body,” Beyonce Knowles‘ protege further explained. “I take that as a compliment, thank you.”

Just days earlier, Chloe faced backlash for announcing a collaboration with Chris Brown called “How Does It Feel”. After sharing the cover art of the single, which featured a photo of the two, one critic argued, “We’re failing Black women in music if they feel like they have to collaborate with a known abuser in order to chart.”

Someone else added, “watch people defend her collaborating w/ him while claiming that his history of violence against women was a one time thing that he grew from despite the fact that his track record goes back from 2009 to 2022. in 2019 & 2022 he was accused of sexual assault by 2 different women.” One person simply described her collaboration with Breezy “disgusting,” adding, “That’s how it feels. Stop giving this abusive p.o.s. attention.”

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