Chris Brown Is Expecting Another Kid

Crazed asshole person Chris Brown has reportedly graced ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran look-alike Ammika Harris’s womb with an incipient human who will hopefully have the sort of absentee dad who only calls on Christmas and birthdays, according to Page Six. What’s the alternative – illegal wild animals as presents and tattooed clown daddy allegedly throwing his drugs out the window because the cops are trying to bust on in?

Chris Brown, 30, was allegedly dumped by his current girlfriend, model Indyamarie, due to his ex’s new belly friend. He already has a daughter, Royalty, 5, with ex Nia Guzman.

We’ve also learned that he and his most recent girlfriend, Indyamarie, have split because of Harris’ pregnancy, though he isn’t dating Harris at this time.

Chris’ camp isn’t commenting on the pregnancy but he’s been reportedly been leaving comments like “baby mama” on  social media pics. Word is that mom and dad haven’t officially reconciled as a couple just yet. She doesn’t have time for that seeing as she’s probably too busy trying to work out some sort of witness protection deal for baby mamas of asshole people.

In other ex-girlfriend news, Chris Brown was allegedly douchin’ on his ex Karrueche’s current boyfriend, New York Giant Victor Cruz, on Instagram over Cruz’s fashion choices.

Please keep in mind that Tran has a restraining order with an expiration date of five years from now against this trash person.

“No shade boo, BUT PLEASE STYLE HIM,” Brown commented on the former NFL player’s photo with Tran, 30, in a now-deleted series of comments. “He look like he shopping of the manikin and trying to bargain wit the sales manager. Retired wrestler spanks [sic].”

The hotheaded star also offered to “take [Cruz] around to style him,” and insisted the multiple comments were “not hate” and he was just “fucking around.”

Chris Brown claims he was hacked. More like, whacked out of his mind. But really, Chris created and sold t-shirts mocking a woman who accused him of rape so maybe he’s not exactly coming from a qualified Yves St. Laurent-type place when it comes to fashion judgery?

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