Chris Evans is ‘single’ but he’s ‘dating different women and is having fun’

Are you ladies and gentlemen aware of the Chris Evans fandom’s wish and desire that Chris end up with his Knives Out costar Ana de Armas? She’s his type – brunette, pretty, on the shorter side – and they have a ton of chemistry in their interviews together. I actually think he’s been trying to awkwardly flirt with her and she’s like, “yes, that happens to me a lot.” Anyway, Us Weekly has a very strange update on Chris’s love life, or his lack of a love life:

Chris Evans is a single man for the time being, but he isn’t abstaining from dating altogether.

The Avengers: Endgame actor, 38, has been “dating different women and is having fun,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. Evans is “not exclusive with anyone” and is aiming to “be more private with his love life” following his public relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jenny Slate.

“Chris feels neutral towards Jenny Slate and holds no bad feelings towards her,” the insider says. “[He] is happy for her.”

[From Us Weekly]

Re: Jenny Slate… they’ve been over for a while and she’s engaged to someone else (and it’s twee as hell). I don’t think Chris is still in love with her, nor do I think Jenny is still hung up on him. She has her fiance to obsess over. As for Chris being single but dating different women… I’ve always said that his shy/neurotic/awkward thing is actually how he gets women. It’s his LINE. And I feel like he’s trying to make it happen with Ana.

? Ana de Armas on her instagram story

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