Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ blasted for being ‘negative’ during climate change discussion

Chris Evans, 53, was blasted for being “negative” on his Virgin Radio breakfast show on Thursday morning after he said “we are done as a race” during a discussion about climate change. Referencing Donald Trump’s latest speech regarding the global issue that has become even more of a pressing matter to life as we know it, Chris was appalled at how in “denial” the president is.

But none of it matters anyway anymore because we’re done as a race to be honest

Chris Evans

But it seemed as though the DJ had given up all hope as he listed all the opponents that are contributing to climate change.

“It’s what you eat, what you drink then it’s how you move,” he sighed.

“But none of it matters anyway anymore because we’re done as a race to be honest.”

There was as short pause before listeners hear a huge gasp from his co-star.


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“Chris!” Rachel exclaimed, shocked at his admission.

“What do you mean we’re done?”

But Chris wasn’t having any of it: “‘Course we’re done! We’re definitely done! We’re done, we’re done,” he sang.

“You’re very negative today, you’re a bit spiky,” Rachel noted.

The former BBC presenter continued to explain his views, saying he’s being “realistic” not “silly”.

“No, I’m not negative I’m realistic and it would be negative to be unrealistic – that would be silly,” he insisted.

“I think what we have to do is plan for what is happening as opposed to pretend that something else might happen because it’s not going to!”

The father-of-five was adamant that if America and China don’t “change their minds” then the human race will be “done”.

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Still gobsmacked at his blatant opinion, Rachel listened intently to his reasoning as Chris continued to speak about how climate change was addressed as an important issue back in the 1970s.

“I’m not the greatest mathematician in the world but even I know that was 50 years ago,” he shrugged.

It may come as a surprise to some listeners as Chris has applauded his 10-year-old son Noah, for being a climate change advocate.

Back in February of last year, the host explained on his show that Noah had refused to wash his hair in order to help preserve water and help save the planet.


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His theory sparked Chris to say he should receive an honour: “I needed the computer back from little Noah just before I went to bed and he was working on it,” Chris said.

“He said, ‘Dad, no no no!’ – This is Noah by the way who I think could have the answer to climate change.

“I think we should, he’s only 10, put him in charge of climate change worldwide,” he joked.

“He revealed his justifiable credentials for that role accidentally and he doesn’t know I’ve hoisted this potential honour upon him.

Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.

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