Chris Rock Deserved to Be Slapped for Attacking Jada, Root Writer Says

Chris Rock deserved to be slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars last year, and he may even be due for another round — so suggests one writer who focuses on Black issues.

The Root’s Candace McDuffie — a senior editorial staffer for the G/O Media-owned online publication — came on CNN to discuss the aftermath of Chris’s Netflix special … where he eviscerated Will and Jada Pinkett Smith for the hit seen around the world in 2022.

According to her, Chris was simply being held accountable by Will at the time for attacking a Black woman — which McDuffie says is part of a larger pattern in this country, and which she says Chris has been guilty of in his comedy even before targeting Jada’s alopecia.

As for how she feels about Chris’ response nearly a full 365 days later … well, the way she’s talking here — it almost sounds like she’s just as angry with Chris yet again, saying he called Jada out of her name (he didn’t once say her name, but did call her a “bitch” and refer to her as a “predator” in the special). In McDuffie’s eyes, CR hasn’t learned his lesson.

Don Lemon ever-so-gently pushed back on McDuffie, asking how she would respond to people who might say she’s advocating for violence with this take … and that Chris should, perhaps, be afforded a pass since he was going after Jada/Will in a stand-up comedy environment.

Her final thought is this … as much pain as Will was during the Oscars slap — which Chris also addressed — McDuffie feels like Chris was hurting just as much during his own special. She says there was more rage and resentment than there was humor … from her POV.

Of course, this view isn’t exclusive to McDuffie. There are many online who feel like Chris had the slap coming — and even more who aren’t happy that he continued to tear Will/Jada down for the sake of retribution and a laugh. On the flip side, just as many loved it.🤷🏽‍♂️

And a lot of others think Chris was right on the money.

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