Dan Walker brands BBC Breakfast co-star Sally Nugent more of a hindrance than a help

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Dan Walker and Sally Nugent discussed the hit game Wordle with Countdown’s Susie Dent today. The pair attempted to play the game and managed to guess the word after an impressive three tries.

Dan, 44, took to Twitter to brag about his Wordle score to his 747,400 followers.

He wrote: “We are talking to @susie_dent about the obsession with Wordle on #BBCbreakfast this morning.

“@sallynugent and I combined our brains and got it done in 3,” he added with a trophy emoji.

The presenter also attached a picture of the green squares appearing from two, to three, to five, as each letter was placed in the right order.

Wordle is a daily word game where players are invited to guess a five-letter word in six tries.

Each time the player enters a five-letter word, the colours of each letter tile indicate how close their guess was to the word, allowing them to guess more accurately each time.

In response to the tweet, BBC Breakfast’s Nina Warhurst commented: “Dan. You said you wouldn’t.

“It was in the name of research,” Dan replied with a laughing emoji.

“Minus points for not doing it yourself,” BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Steve Crossman pointed out, with reference to Sally.

“Sally was looking over my shoulder. More of a hindrance than a help,” Dan replied with three laughing emojis.

Sally, 50, simply responded with a winking face emoji and gave no additional information on how much she might have helped Dan.

Susie, 57, appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about the online game Wordle, which releases a new five-letter word just once a day.

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After discussing the rules of the game, Dan introduced the Countdown star to the famous red sofa.

“One lover of words and player of this popular puzzle game is the one and only Susie [Dent] from Countdown’s Dictionary Corner who’s come to our quiet little corner of the BBC Breakfast studio,” he announced.

When Dan asked Susie whether she was an early adopter of Wordle, she replied: “No, I do love it. But I was really late to this, so January for me, and it’s just become a part of my daily routine like for thousands of other people.

“It’s just so simple – that’s what I love about it. And there’s only one so you have to wait for the next one.”

Sally went on to ask Susie just “how brilliant” she must be at the game, but the word aficionado had a surprising answer.

“Do you know what? Everyone assumes that I am a genius at these games. But I’m rubbish at Scrabble and my excuse is always that I don’t play Scrabble because it’s very different from Countdown and the dictionary is very different.

“I’m ok at this one. I think my average is about three. I got today’s in two but that was pure luck because I think your first guess is what it’s all about. If you strike gold, that’s great.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One from 6am.

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