Darrell Taylor from MTV's 'The Challenge' Arrested for Being Drunk in Public

MTV’s Darrell Taylor has been busted for public intoxication, after someone called cops complaining of a very drunk man lying in an apartment hallway … TMZ has learned.

It all went down earlier this month in Burbank … when someone in the apartment complex called cops about a man who was allegedly stumbling around and ringing doorbells.

When officers arrived, they found 42-year-old Taylor – a multi-time winner of MTV’s “The Challenge” – flat on the ground in front of one of the units — so drunk they had to take action to protect him.

Cops arrested Taylor, and he was later booked on a charge of public intoxication and later released.

Darrell tells us he was trying to get back to his hotel and got lost. He says he went down the wrong street and apparently ended up at the apartment complex by accident.

Turns out he was never able to make it back to his hotel. We got that.

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