David Eason: Accused Wife-Beater and Child-Abuser Lectures Fans on Importance of Family

We’ve never seen any evidence of this, but it’s possible that David Eason is good at something.

Maybe the guy is great at impressions, or he can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute. We don’t know.

What we do know is that when it comes to being a husband and father, you’d have to head down to your nearest county jail to find one who’s worse than David.

As you’re probably aware, Jenelle Evans took the kids and filed for divorce from David back in October.

These days, she appears to have undergone a change of heart and decided that the abuse she alleged — which was so horrific she needed an emergency restraining order against David — really wasn’t that bad after all.

And so, Jenelle and David appear to be getting back together — this, despite public accusations that the guy terrorized her children and murdered her dog.

Like we said, is David good at anything?

Seems like a long shot, but it’s possible.

Is he the absolute worst as a husband and father?

Yes. This much we know for certain.

But self-awareness is a depressingly rare virtue these days, and like most people who suck, David seems to to have no idea that he sucks.

This obliviousness is on full display in Eason’s latest Instagram post.

It’s a photo of an old house, and apparently Dave got all weepy as he gazed upon the useless, ramshackle structure that probably presents a danger to local children.

We guess he could relate.

Here, we present in full, David’s rambling caption about the importance of tradition and family:

My home town, all the little nooks and crannies, all the history; the old houses near the river and the fact that they have been through dozens of floods but still standing strong.

“This place reminds me of who I am, the things I did as a kid is what I still like to do. I still set my fishing lines in the same spots I always have. Shit I do the things my Deddy did with my Granny when he was a kid.

“Family tradition is more than a set of rules. It’s a personality trait that is shared between an entire family. Don’t let people convince you to change, stay true to yourself and your family values.

“There is a reason your ancestors lived the way they did, learn from their past and stay true to your roots.”

Obviously, it’s pretty dumb, but we’ve heard much dumber from Dave.

A couple idiotic points aside (Your ancestors lived the way they lived because they had no choice. Also, posting on social media about the importance of living like your ancestors makes you look foolish.) this could be a post that’s actually worth reading …

… If it were written by someone else.

As it is, this is a post written by a man who terrified his wife so thoroughly she moved to a different state to get away from him.

A man who currently lives alone on property he didn’t pay for with the only one of his children whom he’s still legally allowed to spend time alone with.

David lecturing his followers on the importance of family is like Donald Trump lecturing his followers on the importance of humility.,

It be great if he read this article and came to better understand his many shortcomings — but something tells us reading is high on the very long list of things David ain’t so good at.

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