David & Harper Beckham attend Team England’s match in the World Cup QF

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One of the most socially powerful people in Great Britain attended Thursday night’s World Cup match between Team England (The Lionesses) and Team Norway. That powerful person attended with her father, because she is only seven years old. Yes, Harper Beckham had a very special father-daughter date in France. Harper and David Beckham attended the World Cup game without any of her brothers and without Victoria either.

Why do I find this so moving and inspirational? I think it’s because little Harper is wearing a Team England jersey and she’s obviously into the game, and David is engaging with both Harper and the game on the field. David is listening to Harper, explaining things to her about the sport he played for decades, and he’s also showing her that he thinks HER interests are cool, valid and worthy of attention, and that it’s awesome when a father and daughter share interests. Plus, Harper got to eat a big bag of peanut M&Ms with her dad. Mummy would never let that happen.

David and Harper were both super-excited during the match. England won the quarterfinal, defeating Norway 3-0. Team England will play either Team France or Team USA in the semifinal, and the French and American match is later today (3 pm EST).

Some cool stuff from social media – The Sun was trying to make it into a “controversy” that David kissed Harper on the lips. He kisses all of his kids on the lips? David is super-affectionate with all his children.

— The Sun (@TheSun) June 27, 2019

— Maggie Clougherty (@magz_clough) June 27, 2019

Harper wanted a high-five too!

— Shrina Patel (@shrina4) June 27, 2019

Harper & David got to meet the team!

— Behind The Dugout (@DugoutBehind) June 27, 2019

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