Demi Lovato Was 5 to 10 Minutes from Death After 2018 Overdose

Demi Lovato was just minutes away from taking her last breath … a terrifying realization that has ultimately helped the singer in her recovery from the overdose that almost killed her.

Demi recently sat down with Tracy Smith for CBS “Sunday Morning News,” in a preview released Friday, she says she only had 5-10 minutes to live had she not been found by when she was by someone in her home after her 2018 OD.

Smith, who also sat down with Demi in 2016 after she had struggled with addiction asks the singer what’s changed this time with Demi’s recovery … the singer shares, “I essentially had to die to wake up.” Demi says after her 2016 scare she was “sober but still miserable.”

Of course, the interview comes on the heels of the release of Demi’s “Dancing with the Devil” documentary where she makes several stunning revelations.

Among them … she says she was raped as a teen when she was part of the Disney family and reveals she was declared legally blind after her 2018 heroin OD. The singer still can’t drive because of blind spots she suffers as a result of the night that almost killed her.

Demi’s full interview will air on CBS “Sunday Morning News” and “Dancing with the Devil” premieres March 23 on YouTube TV.

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