Does Spencer Win ‘The Bachelorette’? Tayshia’s First Impression Rose Is A Good Sign

After a messy few weeks of The Bachelorette, things are finally looking, well, slightly less messy on the season. Clare and Dale headed off into the sunset together, happy and engaged, and Tayshia Adams stepped in as Season 16’s Bachelorette. As viewers watch the new Bachelorette get to know the guys, fans are wondering who — if anyone — will end up engaged to Tayshia. So, does Spencer win The Bachelorette? Tayshia’s first impression rose might be an indication their future is bright.

In case you don’t remember Spencer from Clare’s short stint as Bachelorette, that’s because he wasn’t part of the original cast. He (along with three other guys) was added to the group after Clare and Dale left together, giving Tayshia more guys to date on her quest to find the one. While he wasn’t part of the first round of gents, he’s definitely making an impression.

As soon as Tayshia’s first cocktail party started, Spencer was the first guy to jump up and sweep her away, getting some precious one-on-one time with her. The two casually chatted about where they were from and their hobbies, but it was clear there was chemistry between them.

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