Dominic Sherwood Quits Twitter: ‘I Would Like to Take a Breath’

Dominic Sherwood is no longer on Twitter.

The Shadowhunters actor explained his decision to fans in an Instagram post on Saturday (January 11).

“For all those concerned, I’ve decided to remove myself from Twitter,” he wrote. “My reasons are my own and I hope that it’s met with understanding.”

“With the start of a new year I would like to take a breath,” he continued. “My Instagram will still be active. There is no need to worry, photos/ updates of me and Dan and Rajah will always be there.”

“I care about you all deeply and always will,” he finished. “With all my love, Dom.”

He added in the caption, “Ps, if rumours start about me having a ‘bad nose job’ don’t believe them. @alexkinsey wants to besmirch my name now I can’t tweet him back! ?”

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