Don Lemon Opens Up About Starting A Family

Don Lemon is a very busy guy: In addition to his responsibilities as a CNN anchor, he just released a book, titled This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism, and is also engaged to real estate agent Tim Malone, according to People.

Lemon and Malone have been engaged since 2019, and are currently halting their wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite pushing back the date due to the severity of the virus, Lemon is so happy to go through life with Malone. As he told Tamron Hall in March 2021:

“I just found the right person, the person who believes in unconditional love, who believes in the challenges, going through the challenges, weathering the storms of a relationship because relationships aren’t easy and I don’t think they’re supposed to be easy,” he said. “Someone who really believes in family, and I decided you know I need to lean into my life because I grew up never thinking that I’d be able to be open about who I was in love with and about my love life and my relationship.”

Sounds like true love! Keep reading for more about Lemon’s plans to grow his family.

Don Lemon is almost ready for fatherhood

Don Lemon appeared on The Tamron Hall Show in March 2021, where he dished about the possibility of kids with his fiance, Tim Malone. “Yes, I’m thinking about starting a family,” Lemon said.

The couple is planning to tie the knot before welcoming any new additions. Lemon went on to say that he’s monitoring the trajectory of COVID-19 because he wants a proper celebration with his friends.

It’s clear the TV personality can’t wait to have kids, and has started to talk about the process with Malone. “We’re thinking about, do we want to adopt, do we want to go through surrogacy, how we want to do it. Tim is definitely going to have to be the one to have the kid because he’s younger his body will bounce back,” he said. We weren’t ready for the dad bod joke!

The couple debuted their relationship in 2017 when Malone was spotted in Lemon’s Instagram, according to The Sun. It seems we’ll have to keep our eyes on social media for a baby announcement in the future!

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