Doria Ragland will be teaching a jewelry-making class at a community college

Not shocking: the fact that the British tabloids are still obsessed enough with the Duchess of Sussex to write about her mother’s comings and goings. It’s also not shocking to see the Daily Mail try to make Doria Ragland sound like some kind of hippie bohemian. I wish they would get out Doria’s business entirely, but through their shadiness, I think Doria ends up looking pretty cool. Apparently, Doria will be teaching a jewelry-making class at a community college. I wish I could take it:

The Duchess of Sussex owns Cartier jewellery worth a fortune but her mother, Doria Ragland, has far simpler tastes. I can reveal that she has started a new job as a teacher showing students how to make hippy jewellery.

Doria, 63, who quit her post as a social worker at a mental health clinic after her daughter married into the Royal Family in 2018, is teaching at a community college in Los Angeles. Her classes show students how to design bohemian ‘floating’ pearl necklaces, create multi-strand bracelets and ‘linked necklaces’ made of wire. The lessons at Santa Monica College, which are currently on hold due to the pandemic, cost between £29 and £33 and are held at the campus nine miles from her home.

Meghan, who has gushed about her mother having a ‘free spirit’, recently moved into an £11 million mansion with Prince Harry and 15‑month-old Archie 90 miles away in Santa Barbara. Her mother’s biography on the college website states: ‘Doria Ragland is a local artist who has been designing jewellery and clothing for over ten years. She has participated in some of the finest art shows in the country and has received awards for her designs. She loves teaching and believes in wearing handmade jewellery.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I was going to say that they’re trying to make Doria sound like she can’t just settle on one career, but they can’t even decide on how they want to portray her, honestly. It sounds like she’s just teaching a cool little jewelry-making class for fun and because she wants to do it. I mean, it’s not like she’s got a massive pot farm adjacent to her estate, right? If only Doria could be more like the Middletons and have a party-supply business which is merely a cover for a grow operation.

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