Draya Michele and ‘Just Friend’ Corey Coleman Flirting on Instagram

The former ‘Basketball Wives’ star and the New York Giants player get flirty despite her claiming that he’s just a friend following their dinner for two in New York.

AceShowbizDraya Michele got flirty with rumored new man Corey Coleman. She posted a new Instagram picture with a “©️” on the caption. Fans believed the “Basketball Wives” alum low-key declared herself as his girlfriend with the “c” emoji.

But whatever the emoji meant, the New York Giants player approved of it. The 25-year-old NFL wide receiver responded by doubling the emoji “©️©️” on the comment section and the 34-year-old brunette stunner quickly replied with “betta CC me.”

Fans tried to decode the emoji that the rumored lovebirds repeatedly used in their back and forth. “The ©️ is the emoji meaning copyright,” one wrote. Another said, “It’s actually for his initials Corey Coleman and he’s claiming is what he was putting those c’s for.”

Draya and Corey were first spotted together at New York celebrity hotspot Tao earlier this month. It was dinner for two.

Despite getting flirty on Instagram, Draya insisted on Twitter that their relationship was strictly platonic. To one of her followers who wished her split from Orlando Scandrick was just a PR stunt, she responded, “I wish it was a stunt too. Unfortunately it’s not. And the other guy and I are only friends but I don’t have the energy to clear it up. So oh well.”

Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick started having an on-and-off relationship in 2013. He proposed to her in 2015 and she gave birth to his son in 2016.

It’s unclear when exactly they broke up, but she said she had been single for the entire month of December. Meanwhile, he last posted a family picture with her in April 2019.

“Merry Christmas everyone,” she said on her Instagram Story. “So if anyone has anything to say about me or the guy I used to be engaged to, save it. We don’t care. I have been single the entire month of December.”

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