Dua Lipa Is the Latest Celeb to Wear Her Bikini Top Entirely Upside Down

Dua Lipa just celebrated her 26th birthday with—what else?—a photo dump on Instagram, featuring a buncha balloons, her boyfriend Anwar Hadid, some cute random horses, a delicious looking cake that I need to eat immediately, and herself in the cutest gingham bikini ever.


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Here’s the suit if you’re too lazy to scroll through all these photos:

According to the fan account @closetofdualipa (who are basically clothes-identifying geniuses), Dua is wearing the Leslie Amon Fiammi Bikini Top in Lavender and Pink Gingham, which is €125,00. But it looks like Dua is wearing it upside down—with the ruching at the bottom instead of the top as seen here:

Another celeb who’s worn their suit upside down? Addison Rae, though she flipped her triangle top the opposite way (so the ruching was at the top even though it was meant to be on the bottom).


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Oh, and Addison took this whole backwards bikinis trend one step further with her Clover Bottoms from Knight Swim, which she wore like this:


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And on the site are styled like this:

Kay cool, off I go to flip all my clothes upside down and see what happens.

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