Elizabeth Hurley Left Blushing When Stephen Dorff Gets Flirty During Interview

‘The Royals’ actress and the ‘True Detective’ actor are guests on Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ when she explains her reluctance in dating a smoker.

AceShowbizElizabeth Hurley was left blushing during a joint TV interview with Stephen Dorff after the actor declared he would quit smoking for the chance to date the British beauty.

The two celebrities were guests on U.S. late night show “Watch What Happens Live” on Monday, December 09, when host Andy Cohen complimented the “True Detective” star on his smooth voice.

“I love his voice, too,” Hurley commented, as she asked Dorff where he was from.

After learning he had been raised in Los Angeles, Hurley remarked, “To an English person, that’s the sort of accent we like, because it sounds really American, drawling…, sexy.”

However, Dorff, 46, lost a little of his appeal for Hurley when he confessed the depth of his voice was likely the result of decades as a smoker – an ongoing “bad” habit the “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” actress didn’t approve of.

Asked by Cohen if she would ever date a smoker, Hurley replied, “Do you know, I wouldn’t now, (but) I have.”

“I’ll quit for ya!” quipped Dorff, as the 54-year-old explained her reluctance.

“I wouldn’t now (date a smoker), I don’t think…,” she smiled shyly, before adding, “Only ’cause then I’d smoke again, and I’ve given up.”

Hurley didn’t reveal when she quit smoking, but Dorff subsequently pointed out her use of nicotine replacement products to help her steer clear of cigarettes.

Following the flirty exchange, Cohen smirked, “Well, you guys… have a lot in common!”

Dorff previously attempted to kick his smoking habit back in 2012, when he became the pitchman for electronic cigarette brand blu eCigs, but it appears his efforts didn’t last.

Hurley’s famous exes include actor Hugh Grant and former cricket star Shane Warne, while Dorff dated model Charlotte McKinney in 2015, and was previously linked to Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone and Reese Witherspoon.

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