Elizabeth Potthast: 90 Day Fiance Star Accused of Being WAY Too “Gross” on OnlyFans

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet have explained their system to 90 Day Fiance fans.

Elizabeth goes to work for her dad’s company. Andrei is a stay-at-home-dad.

If they need any more than that, Libby goes to ask daddy for more money.

Recently, she’s been making extra cash through OnlyFans … but some of her photos are turning off fans in a big way.

It was a genuine shock to many that Libby was on OnlyFans.

Andrei is a prideful dude, and the two of them had shamed Larissa as a “stripper.” It was deeply rude.

And now, hypocritical. Elizabeth is now posting content to the site that she previously scorned.

Perhaps it is because of the perceived hypocrisy that some of Elizabeth’s content has made it onto the broader internet in leaks.

People have been putting her OnlyFans on blast, accusing her of having “ZERO sex appeal” even when she posts pics without pants.

Libby has been seen going without pants or underwear but standing sideways, so that fans know that she’s not wearing anything but a shirt but can only see her legs.

Some people really go for that kind of content.

Others have said that Elizabeth looks downright “uncomfortable” showing off her body, even to this very limited degree.

However, there is one thing that fans did not expect to see … and it appears to have been an oversight on Elizabeth’s part.

There are lots of things that OnlyFans content creators might show sticking out of their bodies. Most of them are adult toys. Some may even come with tails.

But Libby was spotted by an eagle-eyed “fan” with what appeared to be a tampon string dangling between her legs.

She seemingly forgot that she was wearing it and didn’t catch that it was visible when uploading the photos.

“Oh hey Lizzie cute pics girl .. might wanna hide the tampon string next time though.. jk it’s probably the camera,” wrote one social media user as the photos leaked.

“This is grossing me out,” commented another, while another opined: “She is so cringey and has a bland personality.”

One social media user simply asked: “Why take a bare bottom pic when you’re on your period??”

Elizabeth didn’t tweet or Instagram these pics, so we cannot show them to you.

And frankly, based upon the reviews, you might not want to see them even if we could.

It is our understanding that she still has a lot of content on OnlyFans for anyone who wants to subscribe and take a look.

By the way, Andrei is also on OnlyFans — and the dude has had a lot of admirers for a long time.

However, those hoping that they’ll see Andrei hang dong or Elizabeth show actual nudity or see the two of them bang on screen are probably setting themselves up for disappointment.

First, they both seem a little conservative when it comes to nudity and sex, so we have a hard time seeing them go full frontal.

TLC has shown that they will quickly fire anyone who displays nudity on camera … at least, on any cameras other than their own.

While this is clear-cut discrimination against sex work and sex workers, that is sadly not illegal.

Until that changes, horny 90 Day Fiance fans should get used to the idea that their favorite stars can do no more than tease them with softcore flashes of thigh and lingerie pics.

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