Elon Musk's Tesla Tequila Called an 'Overpriced Troll in a Bottle'

Everyone loves good tequila, and celebrities know that. Recently various stars have dipped their toes in the lucrative pools of tequila companies, with stars like Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner taking the forefront. Jenner was even called out for culture appropriation with her tequila brand 818, but that didn’t stop the reality star from launching the brand. Tesla’s Elon Musk also joined in on the fun by dropping his tequila brand, but it hasn’t gone over well for him.

The number of celebrity liquor is increasingly harder to keep track of

With great power comes great responsibility, and for celebrities, their strength lies in the vast wealth they hold that some of them begin investing in almost everything that can keep their cash occupied.

The recent trends in celebrity investments reveal a dubious yet lucrative venture for A-listers, their liquor lines. Celebrities are known for putting their faces and names on almost everything, including beauty products, but the more common one nowadays lies in the beverage industry.

Esquire compiled a list of 63 (yes 63) celebrity liquors and gave each of them a ranking based on their taste. Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin ranked highly on the list, and for a good reason. Reynolds has had a solid career throughout the years, but the Deadpool franchise seemingly catapulted him to unimaginable stardom.

The actor purchased a significant portion of an already-existing alcohol brand and cashed out for a whopping buck. Reynolds uses his star power, personality and humor to promote his gin (which Esquire gives a 7 in taste) using short advertisement clips and even product placements in some of his movies (Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard).

Another star who ranked highly on the list was Michael Jordan. You’d think that having a thriving shoe empire would satisfy the legend, but the businessman’s $1800 Cincoro Tequila tells a different story. Esquire gave the tequila a solid 7 in taste which is pretty impressive.

Another basketball legend with his liquor brand is LeBron James. What better way to tell the world you have a tequila brand than to smuggle it into the NBA Finals. James’ Lobos Tequila scored a 6 out of 10 score in the publication’s list.

Elon Musk’s entry into the tequila game hasn’t been received well

Although most of the liquor brands on the publication’s list receive a favorable review of their taste, two managed to stand out like a sore thumb. Given the wealth and power Jenner and Musk hold, you’d be forgiven to think they would put out decent-tasting alcohol brands.

Esquire didn’t have much to say about Jenner’s 818 Tequila brand other than giving it a problematic rating regarding shamelessness and a 4 out of 10 score in taste. As for Musk’s Tesla Tequila, the site pointed readers in the direction of TikTok videos that show just how difficult it is to pour out the bottle’s contents.

The beverage comes in a lightning-shaped bottle with the iconic Tesla logo on its front. Esquire called the brand “an overpriced troll in a bottle that’s so stupid.” With regards to taste, Musk’s Tesla Tequila got a score higher than Jenner’s 818 in terms of taste, giving it a shameless rating similar to Musk’s child’s impossible-to-pronounce name.

Other niche products put out by Tesla

A significant perk of having a lot of money is investing in literally anything out there. Musk’s company Tesla is synonymous with its inventions in the automobile industry with electric cars (which many call the future), solar panels, and solar roof tiles.

However, Musk seems to also dabble in a few things aside from his futuristic inventions. The magnate’s company also made Tesla underwear a while back, which had the hard-to-miss logo behind the underwear.

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