EXO’s Member Chen Shocks Fans With Marriage Announcement, Is Expecting Baby With Fiancee

The South Korean singer’s agency SM Entertainment reveals in a statement that ‘the bride is a non-celebrity, and the wedding will be held privately with only their families in attendance.’

AceShowbizEXO‘s member Chen sent fans into a frenzy with a sudden marriage announcement. On Monday, January 13 local time, the South Korean singer announced that he’s getting married with his girlfriend “with whom I want to spend the rest of my life,” as she’s pregnant with their child together.

In a handwritten letter upload on LYSN, the 28-year-old star wrote, “Hello. This is Chen. I am writing this because I have something to say to our fans. Although I am very nervous and anxious on how to say this, I wanted to tell our fans this first as you have given me such great love, I am writing this message even with flawed phrases,” so he began his letter, as translated. “I have a girlfriend with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.”

“Although worries and concerns came first when [thinking] about the situations that will follow this decision, but because I wanted to inform this sudden news as quickly as possible to my members, company, and especially our fans who are proud of me, so you all won’t be shocked, I was in discussion with the company and members,” the “Love Shot” singer continued.

Seemingly referring to his unborn baby, Chen added, “In the midst of that, a blessing came to us. Because the situation became one where I couldn’t do the things I planned with the company and members, I was quite taken aback, but I also found strength through this blessing.”

“I am very thankful to my members who sincerely congratulated me after hearing this news, and I deeply thank our fans who send me overwhelming love even though I am flawed,” he wrote. “I will never forget my grateful heart, I will always try my best from my position without change, and I will repay the love you gave me. Thank you always.”

Chen and EXO’s agency SM Entertainment had also released a statement regarding Chen’s decision to get married. “Chen has met someone precious to him and will be getting married. The bride is a non-celebrity, and the wedding will be held privately with only their families in attendance,” read the statement. “Chen will continue to work hard as an artist. We ask you to send Chen lots of blessings and messages of celebration. Thank you.”

A source from the company also confirmed that Chen’s fiancee is pregnant, saying, “It is true that Chen’s bride-to-be is pregnant.” However, the insider refused to reveal how far she is in her pregnancy.

Following the shocking news, fans were pretty much divided. Some fans were showering Chen with congratulatory messages. “After so many years of being an EXO-L, this is one of the happiest moments of my fangirl life because I never thought we’d witness something as beautiful as this? Our Jongdae is really getting married and gonna have his own family,” one happy fan tweeted.

“I’ve been seeing nothing but blessings to Jongdae from exols. We’ve come a long way and I’m so proud to see everyone wish for his happiness,” another fan added. Meanwhile, some Korean fans reportedly are less receptive with news. It was said that some were selling their merchandises and even exiting the fandom.

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