Fans share their favourite Michael Parkinson moments

Fans share their favourite Michael Parkinson moments as they recall star getting attacked by an emu, George Michael’s VERY risque interview and the time he told off Kenneth Williams

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TV fans today shared their favourite Sir Michael Parkinson moments, following the beloved broadcaster’s death aged 88.

Fans recalled some of Parkinson’s best moments including his very risque interview with singer George Michael. 

Sir Michael’s bereaved family today revealed the ‘King of the Chat Show’ passed away ‘peacefully at home last night’ following a ‘brief illness’.  

The presenter’s fans soon took to Twitter to share iconic moments throughout Sir Michael’s career.

They included the time Sir Michael was attacked by an ’emu’ alongside the moment he told Carry On film star Kenneth Williams he was talking ‘crap’. 

Fans shared Sir Michael Parkinson’s best moments including the time he was attacked by Emu as puppeteer Rod Hull desperately tried to get the animal under control 

Sir Michael’s interview with Wham! star George Michael saw the singer make a risque joke following his arrest for carrying out a lewd act in a public toilet in LA

Fans also shared Sir Michael’s legendary interview with world champion boxer Muhammad Ali broadcast on the presenter’s prime time talk show ‘Parkinson’. 

In one iconic interview, pop legend George Michael made a very risque joke following his arrest for carrying out a lewd sexual act on a plainclothes police officers in a public toilet in Beverly Hills. 

The Wham! singer told Sir Michael he felt very ‘privileged’ to appear on his show – but joked that his mother might not be so happy as to why.  

Michael Parkinson dead at 88: Legendary broadcaster and talk show host passes away at home after illness 

‘This is a great honour for me because I can remember being 8 or 9 years old and my mum would allow me to stay up beyond a certain time in the evening only to watch the Parkinson show,’ the singer said. ‘I’m very privileged to be here.’

‘[My mother] probably wouldn’t have been quite as thrilled that I had to take my willy out to get on here,’ the pop star added. 

In another widely celebrated moment, Sir Michael told off Carry On star Kenneth Williams after the actor spoke out against striking railway workers. 

The interview from 1973 saw Mr Williams speak out against strikes in claiming the unions were ‘jeopardising the work of their fellow men.’

‘You’re not saying I want another pound all the time. You’re saying I want to do the work better. That’s the kind of morality I was brought up with. 

Sir Michael in turn responded to his interview guest by saying: ‘ Kenneth, can I say, I think that’s crap.’

The actor quickly quipped back by joking: ‘I’ve never been so insulted. Who’s side are you on’

The presenter, however, explained his position by saying: ‘It’s all very well you saying that. All of us here are in jobs that are creative, where you can… get to the top and get a handsome living.’

‘You’re not going to tell me that you’re going to be compared with somebody who is sticking door handles on a car for 10 hours a day, five days a week. That he’s not going to get frustrated that he doesn’t deserve an extra quid if he wants one’. 

Sir Michael told Carry On film star Kenneth Williams he was talking ‘crap’ following an interview about striking workers

Fans shared Sir Michael’s famous interview with world champion boxer Muhammad Ali

Twitter users celebrated iconic moments shown on Sir Michael’s talk show Parkinson

The presenter’s fans celebrated Sir Michael’s hilarious confrontation with an emu

Fans took to Twitter to celebrate the broadcaster’s best moments following the interviewers death aged 88

Parkinson fans also shared a clip of the broadcaster being attacked by comedian Rod Hull’s ‘Emu’ puppet in the middle of an interview. 

The hilarious back and forth started after Sir Michael asked Mr Hull: ‘Is it a male or female emu?’

The puppeteer replied ‘Why don’t you have a look for yourself,’ before Sir Michael in turn quipped back: ‘I wouldn’t know where to look’. 

The out-of-control emu then started attacking Sir Michael’s knee as Mr Hull desperately tried to bring the puppert back under control.

The, just moments later after Sir Michael asked ‘Why is it so aggressive’ the emu launched a full on assault on the TV presenter. 

Another widely shared clip showed Sir Michael’s interview with boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

The clip shows the boxer recounting a tale from his childhood as he says: ‘I always asked my mother, how come is everything white.’

‘Why’s Jesus white with blonde hair and blue eyes. Why is the Lord’s supper all white men. Angels are white.’

‘I said, oh I know, if the white folk were in heaven too, then the black angels were in the kitchen preparing milk and honey.’ 

‘Everything was white. Santa Claus was white. And everything bad was black. The little ugly duckling was a black duck and the black cat was the bad luck and if I threaten you, I’m going to blackmail you.

‘I said momma, why don’t they call it “whitemail” they lie too. I was always curious. This is when I knew something was wrong.’ 

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