Farrah Abraham: Amber Portwood Shouldn’t Date Shady Foreign Men!!

Late last year, Teen Mom fans learned that Amber Portwood is dating a fan named Dimitri Garcia.

A lot of compassionate, thoughtful people are worried about this rebound romance. And so is Farrah Abraham.

Farrah Abraham spoke to Us Weekly about Amber Portwood and the new man in her former castmate’s life.

“Everyone’s on block,” Farrah quickly clarifies, indicating that she does not speak to her erstwhile colleagues.

She then opines “but I think that’s best because I do hear, like, people are still dating wrong.”

We don’t disagree, which is wild, because Farrah is not exactly the person whom most would consider to be a relationship expert.

“I do hear people are not making wise choices,” Farrah notes.

She characterizes: “And that’s kind of scary.”

It turns out that, from Farrah’s point of view, what’s scary about Amber’s new relationship is that Dimitri is not from the US.

“I do date out of the country,” Farrah acknowledges. “I do do these amazing things.”

In contrast, Farrah notes “but I’m not having someone come from another country with no Green Card living with me.”

“I mean, there’s scary elements to that,” she expresses.

Farrah adds: “I think we all need to be aware of that.”

We’re not sure that having a Green Card necessarily makes a person safer or more trustworthy. But then, we all know Farrah’s political leanings.

“I’m not trying to hate on Amber,” Farrah clarifies.

In fact, she says “but I’m actually concerned for her safety.”

“There’s some worries there,” Farrah adds.

Interesting that, in Farrah’s mind, it’s scarier for a man to have been born in another country than it is for a woman to be a known domestic abuser.

“Amber is dating him,” an insider confirmed to Us this month. “Dimitri has only seen her show [Teen Mom OG] a few times.”

The source clarified: “He’s not a superfan or anything; he’s just a guy who happened to watch the show.”

“He thought she was pretty,” the insider explained, “and reached out to her via social media.”

“She’s just getting to know him,” the source noted. “They’ve been spending time together at her place. He’s a breath of fresh air.”

As for herself, Farrah characterizes her current status as “super single.”

“I always hope for the best for them,” she expresses. “I really feel like I have learned so much about dating outside of the show.”

“Like, when I left the show, I needed a break,” Farrah reasons. “I needed someone to not security blanket me.”

“I needed to cut off bad relationships,” she adds, “and I’ve invested in myself by reading good dating books.”

The idea of Farrah reading really makes us wonder what that experience could possibly be like for her.

You know how Farrah’s Instagram posts are often word salad? Anyone can transpose a few words, but she almost never makes any sense.

What is it like for her to read coherent sentences? Is she conscious of how differently the rest of us think and speak?

Sorry, we know that this was a tangent, but you have to wonder about people with worms in their brains and how they experience the world.

Dimitri is not the first dude whom Amber’s chosen to bone because he’s an older guy who hit her up online. She has a type.

Unlike Farrah, we’re not overly fixated on the fact that he’s from Belgium, though we would like to know more about him.

But Amber is the one accused of domestic violence, including a machete attack, just six months ago. And she’s been filmed being violent before.

Domestic abuse is a horror, and we hope that both Amber and Dimitri know what they’re doing.

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